Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist



This is the one that took 30 years or whatever right? Definitely doesn’t exist.


Remember how Joaquin Phoenix acted like a big weirdo in public for a while just to make a film that doesn’t exist


Simpsons movie


Can confirm that Legend of the Guardians - and its sequel - still exists, but only on flights between the UK and Asia.


Zach Snyder’s second best film.

His adaption of legendary comic book Watchmen, though? Definitely doesn’t exist.


Saw a boxset once that had Daredevil, Elektra and X Men Origins: Wolverine in it. Felt trailer made for clueless grandparents to disappoint you at Christmas (“I heard you like superhero movies…”)


Nans are nice though when they do things like that


Solid pun


Pretty mad how Will Smith made two films back to back with the same director and yet neither exists.






Look at this Will Smith film premise


funny how the concept of that film exists now, but as soon as it leaves cinemas it will cease to exist


This thread reminds me of the days when I’d go to Blockbuster and just stand there for twenty minutes not knowing what film to get out, and then eventually rent something that doesn’t exist.


walked into a CEX for the first time recently. whole lot of stuff there that absolutely does not exist


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Beginning to question whether Will Smith has ever existed.


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That film literally lasts fifteen years and I watched it at the cinema but it still doesn’t exist!