Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Anyone remember when the made a film about an Hairdressing competition in Yorkshire and filled it with Hollywood stars.

Look, we’ve all had our fun in here sharing unlikely or half-forgotten films, but to go to the lengths of making a whole fake trailer like this, you’re just going too far.


Bizarrely I went to the premiere of this - walked on the red carpet about 15 seconds after Efron which must have been a comedown for the fans outside.


Bruce Willis seems to have become a perma fixture in the genre unfortunately


Yeah, I put this in the thread cos it’s shown up on one of the streaming services recently, but looking at his imdb and the exist:doesn’t exist ratio is incredible. I know @Antpoc did an earlier post covering some of his recent output, but there could be an annual update.

Don’t know if Willis needs the money or just has a really low boredom threshold.

Is there a thread for “things that don’t look like they actually exist but do?”

Definitely looks like it shouldn’t exist but is a decent film.


The weirdest bit is Steve Merchant is the director

This is proper Dad territory TBF: A joke about a band most people have forgotten sounding like a company that only you remember.

I salute you.

The honest answer is probably that he’s just not very versatile and I think there just aren’t that many action films left for him. I’m surprised he’s not been in Guardians of the Galaxy though. Maybe he doesn’t like James Gunn.