Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist



didn’t make back its budget lol


Swear that I considered renting this film about a dozen times and never got round to it. Now Blockbuster is gone and so are my chances of renting it


(Really good film, pal)


Yeah I don’t think I realised it had Paul Giamatti in it (or maybe hadn’t heard of him / connected him with Swingers).


What happens if you win an Oscar for starring in a film that doesn’t exist? Asking for Geena Davis


(The book exists by the way and is pretty good)





Not only is Uma Thurman starring in a film that doesn’t exist there, but her male co-star Luke Wilson doesn’t exist either.




remakes of Fame and Footloose? don’t exist


Weird that someone mocked up this poster for Aaron Paul starring in a need for speed movie in 2014, when that definitely didn’t happen


anyone remember when they did a new Jason Bourne in the same year that Matt Damon fought on the Great Wall of China? Me neither, cause they didn’t exist




my mum fucking loves this film (and the book) - very much exists in Broadstone Dorset


Saw some reading the book on the train yesterday, gonna class this as existing.


The Who.


The Who?


I don’t know.


Once I took two internal flights in the US, back to back on the same day. This was the inflight movie on both.


the osbournes