Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


I Am Legend definitely exists sadly. There was a swathe of people I went to school with who said it was their favourite film.

The Tourist most definitely exists too, against all odds.


Lots of big names (including that nutcase that owns Napoli for some reason) for a non-existent film.


Sadly it does exist. I was clearing out recently and for some reason I own 2 (unwatched) copies.


I remember when that came out and for some reason I really wanted to watch it, sad that it doesn’t exist anymore. I bloody detest Jude Law though, so I guess I’ve swerved a bullet there


ahh, it does. someone referenced it the other day or something, which means it exists.



I think the reference was either on here or on Twitter, so technically you might be right


what was that Matthew Perry show that doesn’t exist?

ah yes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

hard to remember something that never existed.


Arrested Development is phasing out of reality I feel


Very interesting actually…

The Netflix reboot absolutely doesn’t exist and the most recent season from last year exists even less… Original run though?


Disagree here, heard plenty of people talking about how shit the new ones are. See also, new Simpsons, which absolutely exists however much we’d prefer it not to.

That remake of Birds of a Feather, however, definitely does not exist.


I feel like people spoke about how crap the initial revival was. Literally not one single person has watched the season from last year though.


Taio Cruz doesn’t exist anymore.


Good point, thanks Shigsy.


No drama


It’s almost like the second half of that season never came out


halle berry doesn’t exist anymore.

but she’s going to be in the next john wick so maybe she will exist again?


I feel like a third John Wick film probably doesn’t exist anyway in all honesty so it’s neither here nor there.


yeah maybe. the planned john wick tv spin off will definitely never exist


Good how this really, really bad thread has found a life for itself eh.