Films that are generally well-liked that you reckon nobody would call 'their favourite film'

Got like 3 different mates who absolutely love The Darjeeling Limited

But surely, even people who absolutely love it, prefer another Anderson film

They all say it’s their favourite one!

Home alone

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Back to the Future

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Home Alone is really beloved. One of my favourite films (not sure I have a definitive favourite but willing to make it Home Alone just to rule it out here).


Manchester By The Sea

I mean, I love it. True classic. But is it anyone’s favourite ever ever ever ever.

I haven’t seen any of the Godfathers so maybe my reasoning is off, but I think The Godfather is nobody’s favourite. If people dig Godfather then 2 is their favourite, or 3 if they’re that guy from that widely derided advert or want to look like a free thinker.

American History X

(it was my first favourite film because it was the first film I saw as a teen that I found really moving and changed my ideas of what it was possible to do in a film)

Think a lot of people prefer the first one for Brando and Pacino’s performance.


So this thread is the same as the one on the music board and we’re all naming films that are clearly loads of people’s favourite, great

Shawshank Redemption


Alright fair, I think I’m way off with this one. I googled it and look at how they massacred my boy, the day of my daughter’s wedding, and the horse’s head are all Godfather 1. So that’s gotta be the best Godfather.


It’s well thought of critically but if you had to name 10 James Bond films you probably wouldn’t think of it. Can’t think of any real reason a Bond fan would have it as a favourite over another option, unless it was like the first one they’d seen or something.

But do they say it’s their favourite film?

I’m deeply suspicious of anyone who can pick one single film as their favourite

Your favourite film is Game Night, too? (Not the sequel)

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It 100% is

LA confidential

Men in Black 2

The Favourite