Films that look really good but are shit

Knives Out

We’ve Got to Talk About Kevin is the classic of this genre - looks wonderful but it’s a complete turd.


Came here to say this, remember seeing the first trailer and thinking it looked amazing. Ended up with Short Circuit only with Die Antwoord instead of Steve Guttenberg (do not be tempted by how good this sounds, it’s actually awful).

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Got so bored of this, after about an hour or so I just wanted it to end :expressionless:

3 billboards is ace. Quality drama, good acting, great cast. Nothing there to complain about


I’m pleased that you enjoyed it but I found it to be about as tonally disjointed a film as I can remember seeing and, it had some very problematic messaging as well IMO.


I feel like there’s some serious beeve potential itt

It’s a film about how police are racist [fine] yet they somehow forgot to give the only 2 black characters any personality.



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was a 3/5 film, not terrible but not great

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Yeah its definitely no shit, I think the ending just really annoyed me.

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Was very long.

almost every film that’s well received on here


Rewatched this for the first time in years recently on a sleepless night when unwell. Had remembered it fondly, but opening scene aside, watching Woody as a middle aged man dating a child who he constantly refers to as a child is just gross. In the bin with it.

I’m cheating because this film never looked good, but we’re watching it now and good lord it is horseshit:

Christmas with the coopers.

They clearly thought they were making something truly profound but its just so so shit

Batman films. All of them


Batman and Robin was brilliant. Mr Freeze is easily the best batman bad guy in the whole franchise


I thought Death of Stalin and David Copperfield were both pants first time round, but much better on second watch. I definitely had my expectations calibrated to The Thick Of It, so it took a few run-throughs to flush that out.

Even Lego Batman?


Don’t worry, there’s little chance of me being tempted to watch a film when no one bothered to name the fucker.

Oh look a screenshot that could have been from pretty much any non-Marvel film of the last decade, cool :joy: