Films that no one has thought about in ages





Since PO left haven’t heard much chat about Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2 :((


Thought about Signs on Saturday, my gf reference it on a very regular basis, she is M Night Shyamalan’s one remaining fan.



I saw Up ‘n’ Under on the same weekend that Titanic came out as Titanic was sold out and we didn’t want to have had a wasted journey. Janus got her bum out. It was very bad.


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People that no one has thought about in ages: Tony Slattery


I actually think about this film quite a bit though


I actually thought about it last night as I had a glass of water on my bedside table for a few days and I thought I ought to refresh it and I vaguely remembered it was a plot point from Signs, hence the inspiration for this thread.


He was diagnosed bipolar I think, remember seeing a doc about him. Was quite sad.


I reference this film A LOT.


Been meaning to watch this again actually and see how it has aged. I remember it being abysmal.


Horrendous body shaming.


How could you resist that tag line?


‘At the sperm bank…’



i thought about that the other day ACTUALLY



Went under the superior name ‘filofax’ on UK release.


WHAT a poster