Films that should not have been made into franchises


Inspired by this:

First films that sprang to mind:

  • The Matrix
  • The Hobbit

- The Human Centipede (I’ve not watched this, mind)

Your suggestions?


All of them


Friday the 13th
Blair Witch


Dumb and dumber


Is 2 a franchise?

Home alone should have stopped after 2.

Can’t see Bad Santa 2 being worthwhile

Keeping it seasonal.


Star Wars?




shit for babies


Air Bud Series including the ‘Buddies’ Films


The thought of Dumb and Dumber To makes me sad. The thought of the prequel makes me shudder.

The original was perfect :confused:


Good point. No, I wouldn’t class a sequel as a franchise. I’m also thinking more of films that were conceived as franchises from the outset - e.g the new Harry Potter franchise. I’m imagine that Home Alones 3 and 4 were just made to cash in on the success of the initial films.


So films that probably came from a series of books

I get ya.


The Matrix


Or films where the first one is called:

[Film title] : [subtitle] from the outset. Setting out their stall in a way that says “you like this shit? Well, you better bloody well like it!”


Attack of the colons


I think we call that The Epimers on here


The Epimer strikes back?


The new Harry Potter wasn’t based on a book as far as I’m aware (and didn’t feature Harry Potter seeing as it was set in the 1920s), so they’re free to churn out as many sequels as they like really without having to worry about sticking to what people expect from the book they’ve already read.


There’s a book called that but I think it’s a sort of encyclopaedia of the Harry Potter universe and it’s a really tenuous basis.


Yeah, it was a book written for charity (Comic Relief, I think).