Films that take place over one night/ in real time

Any suggestions for me? Preferably anything that feels a bit paranoid/sleep deprived…

Victoria. Spanish girl in Berlin, gets involved in… drama.
Film is shot in one take. It’s brilliant


Oh I remember that coming out but didn’t get round to seeing it. Think it’s on Netflix so I’ll add it to my list ta!

Russian ark, an absolute feat of film making…if a bit hard work


Oh yeah that’s all one (long) take too isn’t it?

Dunno how they got all the animals to behave :smiley:

Yeah, it’s really quite stunning but a lot of the film was lost on me. But maybe I’m a bit thick :grinning:

Silent house with Elizabeth Olsen, it’s not great, but it’s shot continuous and I love her to death.


Collateral is pretty decent, nothing amazing and loses steam towards the end but a fun watch all the same

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After Hours. A bit old school but recommended


Does Timecrimes qualify? If so, then - Timecrimes

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la haine


This s a remake btw, the original is better

I guess Rec counts

These Final Hours and Last Night are two end of world things which are good

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Is that the Spanish one? I have it on DVD but am yet to watch it

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Ooo, I forgot this fact.

Also for paranoi, cant recall if its one nignt (think it is) but Bug is ace

Yeah its fantastic.

Also Mine Crimes/Triangle for similar stuff

Another vote for Triangle. That scene on the top deck… :open_mouth:

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