Films that you have watched lately



seen anything good?

I just watched Midnight Special. I want to like this Jeff Nichols geezer and I feel like his films are always worth a bosh but they never really go anywhere, are always slightly unsatisfying and then have some terrible CGI. Reckon one day he’ll make something good though maybe.

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I watched Brooklyn when I was hungover the other day and cried pretty much the whole way through. I loved the scenes around the dinner table though.


tag with ‘films’, you big plonker


I loved Brooklyn

I watched Grand Piano which is on Mubi, really quite entertaining actually. Also watch I Stay With You on there which was quite interesting but a bit gratuitous.

Last film I saw at the cinema was David Brent, think it has put me off


oh, also Resolution by the guys who made Spring. Fuck all happens really


i don’t really get it but ok


rewatched Juno the other day - it made me feel emosh. dunno why.


went to see The Daughter. thought it was very good. mark brandawicz is a good actor


i think i half was asleep when midnight speical was on and it was so boring like i was watching contact but in 2016 and boring


things i saw in the cinema this august:
suicide squad wasn’t the worst superhero film of the last few years (haven’t seen bvs:doj yet) hoping the joker is in the harley quinn spin off even less, fuck jared leto.
lights out nothing amazing but fine for a b-list horror all the mental illness stuff was bad and predictable
childhood of a leader genuine belly laughs in places turns out his da’s no his real da
war dogs nothing remarkable. i think miles teller is better now than i did before i saw it, so there’s that.

probably going to see blair witch at the cinema and it’s going to be a horrific experience.


asleep for 92% of it


this thread is better than the rolling films you have watched thread. much more free spirited


i’d like this if i could but i’m all out of likes, this is how i feeeeeeel


i’m so lost without you


I watched The Lobster recently and i’m not sure if i liked it or not.


Big Keith’s in that


and Tyres From Spaced!

Good cast tbh tbf, but really quite bizarre.


yeah its decent, gets a bit dull when he leaves the hotel though i thought

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hardly watched any, just blade runner and millenium actress. accidentally just spoilered a film for myself :cow2: