Films that you have watched lately

A friend called IT it was pretty good, except for the need for the female characters to be consistently half naked

Lego Batman. Very very funny. Load of gags for nerds which obviously I am not so I didn’t get those.

Cell, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel about mobile phones turning folks into zombies. Cusack and Mr. S. L. Jackson.

I usually quite enjoy a terrible film based on a Stephen King novel but this was worse than you can possibly imagine. The book was relatively mundane and harmless but the film really had nothing going for it at all. Don’t bother.

hmm i find this hard to believe, but i’m not going to try and find out

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20th Century Women

Top drawer - some fantastic shots, great music choices (and constant bed of really nice uplifting drones), good turns from everyone involved, weirdly affecting even though it wasn’t about all that much. Greta Gerwig <3

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28 - Friday Didn’t realise this was an out and out stoner comedy which I don’t usually go for but it was great and so many other references make so much more sense now.

29 - Hacksaw Ridge Begrudgingly watched due to my stubborn insistence on seeing all the best picture noms before the Oscars. Was perfectly acceptable although Vince Vaughn was massively unconvincing as the army general and for a film about pacifism, it didn’t half romanticise violence (here’s someone being stabbed through the chest IN SLOW MOTION).

30 - Baader Meinhoff Complex Overlong but riveting depiction of something I knew little about.

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Arrival - as someone who hates sci-fi i really liked this, mr S wasn’t so keen. Despite me explaining it to him over and over…and i was the one who had a little nap in the middle!

Foxcatcher - Really quite enjoyed this, its got quite a slow pace but at no time does it feels like it drags. Some really good performances especially with carrel and tatum going against type. Carrel really is fucking creepy in it.

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I watched Predestination which was good fun but one of the most ridiculous films I have ever seen - in a good way I guess but I can easily see people hating it

Doom Generation - took me about 50 minutes to realise I’d seen it before. Just awful really (bar the ending). Some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard. Gregg Araki is rubbish

I watched Predestination which was good fun but one of the most ridiculous films I have ever seen - in a good way I guess but I can easily see people hating it

One of my colleagues was properly obsessed by this film, felt a bit like Primer in the sense that after watching it I felt like I’d understood about 30% of the plot.

obsessed, really? I couldn’t imagine ever loving it that much and yeah,.I had to read Wikipedia to fully grasp some bits

he literally asked me to watch it practically every week until I eventually got round to it.

Come to think of it I probably wouldn’t have bothered if it wasn’t for that.

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I watched that new Paul Verhoeven one the other night, Elle.

Ehhh. Not bad. Felt like it was made for TV, something very cheap about it.

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