Films / TV / Music / Stuff you are looking forward to in 2018

Didn’t realise this had been made into a film:

The stage play was a hoot - this looks great

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some of the ones in here


It isn’t. Well, if on BBC, New Year’s day, like a Sherlock TV event or something, it could be ok. Not as a film though. Saw it at LFF and was massively disappointed. Not seen the play though. Don’t know if that affects anything.

Recently discovered that I find it hard to get excited about film/music etc releases that are more than about a month away. I’m either living in the moment or just forgetful.

Anyway, Three Billboards and Downsizing both look good (although the latter has had some very shaky reviews).

If the new Sabrina is out in 2018 then thats something I’m looking forward to.

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