Films you've seen in the cinema more than once

For some reason, the only films I can recall seeing more than once in the cinema are:

The Producers (the Nathan Lane / Matthew Broderick remake)
Iron Man 2 (arguably the worst of all the Marvel films)

Not sure how either of those came about, but it’s a pretty appalling record.

None. Don’t understand why anyone would watch a film more than once anywhere.


Blair Witch (think I went three times)
2001 a couple of times

^this to the “none” part. I’ll quite happily rewatch a film again and again, but never at the cinema


Rouge One. Saw it in the normie, then IMAX. But it wasn’t filmed in IMAX so the experience was somewhat muted. Good though

I think in both cases it was something to do with going with one group of friends, probably at university, then going home and being with another group of friends who wanted to go to the cinema and see the same film, and rather than turn them down because I’d already seen it, I just shrugged and went along with it.

Loads. Just saw Lady Bird for the 2nd time last night, in fact.


Jurassic Park, once when it came out then again when it was re-released for its 20th anniversary or something.

I’ve done this only a handful of times, mostly watching films a second time with my daughter.

Inside Llewyn Davis
The Force Awakens
Rogue One

That might be it.

I saw the three original Star Wars films when they were released and also when they were re-released as part of the CGI shit-show in the late 90s. You could argue they’re not the same films maybe. I fell asleep in the RotJ one.

Dances With Wolves (14 year old me loved it).
Trolls (bloody kids).
Trainspotting (once with university mates, once with my dad).

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Phantom Menace. I’m not proud of it.


Most recently The Force Awakens

Went to see Moonlight twice when it was out, somehow ended up seeing Big Fish three times in the cinema

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Don’t think any at all, no.


Hmmm. Good question. I’ve done it a few times. Most of the times I’ve done it as I’;m seeing it with two sets of folk, either my own and then someone else I guess.

  • Star Wars Episode I - Saw this in 2D when it came out and then again in 3D back when Lucasfilm were going to do them all in 3D. Then they only did that one and I felt like a chump.
  • Avatar - Saw this twice, once with each group of friends at the time. Was worth it. Big 3D spectacle. Pure shit nowadays, of course.
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens - saw this on my own and then a few weeks later with my wife.
  • Toy Story 3 - Saw it with my wife, and then again with a friend.
  • Avengers - Saw it twice because I liked it so much.
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You would never watch a film more than once?! I actually know a couple of people like this. I don’t understand it.


Saw face off twice on the same day the day it came out.
Went at lunchtime as I couldn’t be fucked with uni.
Went that night because some friends were going incl a girl I fancied :grinning:


What. A. Day.


Belter :grinning:

Did you impress the girl by correctly predicting what was going to happen in the film? “I reckon Nic Cage is going to say WHOO here…”


Force Awakens - four times (two of these were on the same day)
Rogue One - four times
Last Jedi - three times

Early Wyclef lyrics etc.