Films you've seen in the cinema more than once

When i worked there i used to go a few times to get different mates in free

Saw avatar and black swan twiice urgh



Think I can remember 4 films:

The Force Awakens
The Last Jedi

Drive just blew me away and I had a friend I knew would love it, so I happily went again with them. Also very easy to watch with the visuals and music, and not very plot based - ideal for a rewatch.

Birdman I was just a big fan of and again saw it with different groups of people. Got to focus more on the emotional aspect the second time after getting used to the stylistic elements. Still haven’t decided about the ending yet though.

Both Star Wars ones were with different groups of school/uni friends, they’ve basically become the default thing to do at Christmas when everyone comes home and I’m very happy with that set-up.

EDIT: Also I usually go on discount days so easily to justify seeing something a second time.

Seem to recall a fond time when I saw Liar Liar twice in 2 days.


The Lost Boys
Star Wars : Episode VII : The Force Awakens

I know. Don’t even remember enjoying it that much. Not sure how it happened.

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In the last 12 months I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049, The Last Jedi and You Were Never Really Here twice, going to try and catch Phantom Thread a second time too.

Second viewings are reserved for films I loved and Star Wars. Do also go see films I’ve seen before when they’re showing many years later too, but don’t think that counts in the same way.

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do this quite often, mainly with films gf’s nephew wants to see but also we really want to see. its usually a faff to get organised with him so we’ll go see it on our own and then go see it again with him a couple of weeks later. great post

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Sounds like you might like Star Wars.

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Actually he just really doesn’t understand it.


Jaws - when it came out in 1975 and then again in the early 80s
Airplane 2 – in the week it came out. Just so I could catch all of the jokes I missed
Silence Of The Lambs – twice in the weekend it came out. Because I really liked it

Think I’ve seen all the Star Wars films in the cinema at least twice (except Rogue one, the last of the prequels, maybe the Force Awakens, can’t remember#

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction (they kept playing in London for ages in the 90s because the BFI were being weird about allowing them to come out on Video)

Think we went to see ET twice

Prob some others I can;t remember

Been to see Apocalypse Now (original and Redux) in the cinema maybe 10 times over the past 20 years. It’s one of my favourite films and really, really benefits from the big screen and super loud sound…


Blade Runner 2049
Phantom Thread

Quite sure there’s more (my friends do so, and I’ve ended up seeing films more than once in the cinema somewhat more often)



Saw La La Land twice because I missed the first 10 minutes the first time. Shouldn’t have bothered.


guys, you’re supposed to see stuff twice because it’s good


Saw Return of the King with friends and then on 2 separate first dates :frowning:

9 hours of my life.


Absolutely integral to the plot


All of the LOTR films at least twice (think I saw ROTK 3 or 4 times).

thats it though.