Do you still watch them?


Bit boring.


Highest form of art, tbqfh




This is very strange.


Han’t been a good once in at least 15 years.


What are films?


“TV” series is a better format for character study though right and books are for more intelligent people.

Videogames are more fun, so what’s left for films?


fart jokes, talking dogs, etc


I watched Zootropolis with the girls on Saturday. Ate pizza and watched the film, which we all enjoyed.

I have to be in the right mood for a film, though.


Pets prefer films, because they find it hard to operate a XBox controller or turn pages in books.


I really dread having to watch a film round someone’s house these days, would rather talk to them about life. Who has the time?


can’t ask an attrative to come over to watch masterchef or watch you play Duke Nukem though can you


maybe talk to them about their life and interests instead?


What if they’re a film critic and their interest is watching films


that’s a bit far-fetched.


I really love films




You’ve ruined your argument here, video games are awful.


I’ve seen some great films in my life


Yeah, aggpass, don’t let this thread stray into hyperbole.