Filter friday selfies



G’wan, get artistic!



The most colourful oasis fan



Don’t like Oasis

Your photo is mint. I don’t know how to do arty things, just snapchat


I don’t understand



Just made a very ridiculous one that I am not posting.


Be nice, I’m a bit new to filters.


CBA with filters so here’s the most recent one I’ve taken

Bonus baby graffiti photo my art teacher partner did


Sorry Dingers, already went for a classic toilet selfie


Yeah but your jacket is pure Art, it counts


Not a filter but


Nooo, post it!



one for ma boi @Kallgeese there. also @Flashinglight the phone case is what i posted the back of on instagram the other day. its cross stitch :grinning:


you may have an arty “grotty mirror in an undecorated hallway” selfie feat. seasonal clothing. for now.


where’s the filter


Single filter of me, double filter of Casey Maclaren and Keagan Cole


Yess an excuse to use meitu :ok_woman:t5:


Very nice, I also imagine a cross stitch phone case is wonderfully tactile. Kinda want one now.