Filth and that


Go on then, if nobody else wants to. Both the words of my wife, and me, now, making this thread.

The weather’s heating up. So, hot weather

  • Makes me hornier
  • The same
  • Eww, go and sweat somewhere else.

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the same: rampantly.


Always creeping about like a tomcat but even more so when it’s warmer


On the one hand everyone looks better when it’s warmer and they’re wearing fewer clothes, but on the other hand, cba.


Early Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince lyrics were rejected


This always makes me think of that Adam and Joe bit about ogle fun.


what IS she wearing?


I’ve had some sexy thoughts today

not gonna reveal them here though sorry


Look at the price on those TVs! Oh, that woman’s walked in front of the TVs. Rude woman!!

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Hot weather makes me want to not exist

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I’m too self conscious to do the nasty in anything above sub zero temperatures, full sunlight, with another person etc.


so relatable

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someone sent me an amiable introductory message on one of these apps they have now and then deleted her account

further tales of smalltown nothing going on in that dept


I feel the same libido but I feel less sexy in myself when I’m all sweaty and gross

But a lazy afternoon bone when it’s sunny outside is one of the beautiful things in life.


Maybe a bit serious for a filth thread, but I read this earlier today: - thought it was quite interesting regarding some of the statistics, like 45% of men wishing they had a bigger penis.

“I wish I had a larger penis”

  • Yes
  • No

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“I am … with the size of my penis”

  • Happy
  • Slightly happy
  • Ok
  • Slightly unhappy
  • Unhappy

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“I worry about what a partner thinks about my penis”

  • A lot
  • Quite a lot
  • Sometimes
  • Hardly ever
  • Never

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“I would consider inserting cooking oil into my penis to make it bigger”

  • Yes
  • Um, what the fuck?

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Don’t normally open or comment in these threads but this title is completely inappropriate…


As in, shagging indoors, but the weather is lovely outside

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I love a sweaty as fuck daytime sunny weather/holiday shag. Followed by a nap, waking up stuck together.

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Sorry WC, you’re right. Can a @moderators take out the first bit please.


Neither me or Mrs F take well to the hot weather, so neither of us is particularly in the mood in summer. I swear a lot just getting out of a chair so it’s not a good look.