(Filth) Can you perform while

…you know other people can hear you and your partner/s getting mucky? Either flatmates in the next room, perhaps other family members if you still live at home, that sort of thing.

It never used to bother me, but since I’ve moved into a smaller flat, with straight men I’m not as close with, and into a bed that is heinously loud and squeaky, I’ve started to hold back a bit.

Am I being precious or does this affect you too?

Squeaky beds put me off more than any potential vocal noises


Nah fact of life in this flat
Theoretically, if I wasn’t a virgin

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True greatness needs an audience


all the fun of exhibitionism and no one has to see my bare arse

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You rarely see that generosity with exhibitionists, commendable

Never really been particularly vocal so it’s not a problem for me but for some partners it can be a little awkward, I really don’t care though people have sex…not me though obviously because I’m a virgin.

I’m with you on the noise. It’s a bit of a mood killer.

Used to count on my ability to so yeah, fine innit.

literally the only negative about living with just your partner is not being able to wind up flatmates with loud boning anymore

Current house our bedroom is wall to wall with the neighbours and can hear them sneeze and their alarm going off. Don’t hear much else but does make me wonder


but enough about owen’s bedroom habits

I never mentioned his naughty nun outfit?



leave theo out of this


who was it on here that got an angry note from a neighbour about boning too loudly?

coming soon to ITV2

jay z’s laugh

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The squeaky bed noise is something that gives me laughing fits for some reason, I guess I’m easily pleased.

No chance I can shag if the bed is so loud, no matter where you are on the bed you hear it loudly. This is regardless of who else is in the house too.

@billy_jizz get some WD40 on it, tighten the screws etc. I hope it can be fixed!