filth dilemma 🎩

Much, much amusement with pal last night who revealed the events of last weekend

him and (long term partner) were chilling, and she suddenly went ‘hey, wanna watch some porn together?’

he was pretty awwww-yis about this because it’s never happened before. So immediately agrees and asks what he should be firing up on the ol’ teh google.

‘oh you must just have a folder of go-to stuff right?’

taken off guard, he nods.

‘cool let’s just watch whatever’s in that’.

Having blundered into one of the best traps ever, he refuses, which triggers a row.

SO. Here’s the questions sports fans:

do you have a go-to porno/series of pornos?

  • You bet i do
  • Haha no why do you ask? But no. No.

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Would you be comfortable with anyone else seeing this?

  • PMing you the full playlist right now pal
  • I will burn it and you before that happens

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WAIT polls are public, one sec

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What part caused the row? That he had a porn stash? Or that he watches porn? Or that he wouldn’t show her it?

The very latter


Porno Porno Porno!

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exACTLY. game, set and porno.

i.e. it something soooo bad

i wouldnt mind if my partner wanted to see The Folder but i get why others would view that as a wholly personal/vulnerable side of their life


well maybe, maybe not. (hahaha but yes probably)

why would they not be public? MAKE THEM PUBLIC


don’t have a folder, don’t have a type of porn (that said, I know which types I wouldn’t want to watch… ) :man_shrugging:

and would you be happy to divulge that to a partner?

I have some that I’d be comfortable with straight off the bat, others that I wouldn’t. I’d hope if I was in a relationship with someone for years that I’d be fine with them seeing the lot.

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She should be respectful of his privacy.


I don’t want to watch people shitting on each other :man_shrugging:


i def think it’s borderline telling someone they can’t have private thoughts of that nature to themselves innit


oh sorry i read your post as would

him: “er not really sure…”
her [grabbing laptop and diving in]: “ummmmm why do you have folders Aardvark-Zebra in your porn folder?”

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I wouldn’t have a problem with it - any partner would know what my kinks were anyway so there wouldn’t be any surprises at all.

The shame that comes for me post-climax means that I will forever stream it. If there was some sort of Black Mirror device that closed the internet the very second you finished, that’d be the dream really