FILTH: Filthy Media

Hello I’d like to hear about what sexy films, tv, books, podcasts etc you’ve been enjoying recently.

I’d like to add a new sex podcast to my ranks, I’ve tried lots but only ever enjoyed Sex With Strangers:

It’s so good, the host manages to have conversations with such a wide variety of races, sexualities, kinks, genders etc, it’s always interesting. Particularly enjoyed the Mormons and Amish episodes. The newest episode is 2.5 hours long so might not be the best place to start, but it’s fun.

wbu, anything you’ve enjoyed recently?

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I have seen a glut of videos recently on tik tok that discuss the Mormon practice of soaking/jump soaking :exploding_head:


Yeah this kind of thing is discussed in the episode, it’s wild

Soaking/jump soaking

  • Would
  • Would not
  • Depends how desperate I was
  • What?

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I miss having sex with strangers (when it wasn’t awkward).

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When was it never awkward?

Sex that is

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It’s such a lottery when you don’t know each other well. Existential crises beckon.

generally speaking… (not anon)

  • I wouldn’t have sex with a stranger
  • Sex with strangers is worth the trappings of not knowing one another

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When it clicks tho. When it clicks.

Probably should see a doctor if it’s clicking


Rewatched Bound recently which is, in my opinion, one of the sexiest films of all time in a way that is also interesting and worthy of analysis as opposed to just being “phwoar” base-level stuff.

The Wachowski’s (pre-transition at this stage) filming a lesbian sex-scene that is consciously and deliberately trying to avoid male-gaze is really fascinating. They hired a feminist sex consultant to assist with the scene and provide input throughout etc (think she appears in the film as well as a cameo)


A stranger is just a friend you haven’t shagged yet


Loved this.

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Paul Takes The Form Of A Mortal Girl is a very horny read


It rules so much

Loved this book

It didn’t make me horny but it did make me want to go out with my friends, hook up with people and then go for breakfast together at a diner, iirc.

Also, Paul was a bit of a dickhead.

I have had great, fun sex with people I’ve just met but I think sex with someone you’ve gotten to know a bit and have some fondness for as well as fancy will always be better. Just feel like if you have spent more time talking about what you’re into and what you want to do to each other you’ll both know how to turn each other on and please each other + would feel more comfortable being kinkier with

Also, I enjoy the build up and sexual tension is sexy.


I agree. But I also find meeting someone, banging them and being mutually fine with never seeing each other again and getting on with your lives hot as fuck.


I think this is a thing in itself though like, you’re getting off on the anonymity of it?
I get that, it just doesn’t do anything for me, personally.

I’m enjoying the experience for the experience and the fun I’m having in the moment, not the nature of it being a one off with a stranger.