Filth, for it is Thursday


Ever been propositioned by a couple? Ever propositioned someone with your partner?


Would you ever want to? If yes, would you be ‘allowed’?


Has your partner tried to attempt this? Did/would you allow it?

As always, keep it decent

Anyone any good with fixing ipod classics?




I was invited to an orgy last week by a couple.

it never rains but it pours.

I did not go.


See everyone? This thread has (many) legs!


friends or just passing acquaintances?


I know the guy, never met the lady.


can you articulate the reasons for not saying yes?

This is now the Interview With Mistersteve Thread


Oh, and no I would never want to. I don’t think I’m an overly jealous person but I would never want to be in an ‘open’ relationship, because I like the idea of being with someone special, and giving a relationship the attention it deserves. If that makes sense. Equally in a…romantic situation, I feel like it should just be the two of you. Also it would be very awkward going forward with the guy, who is basically a friend.

Probably old-fashioned, but fuck it.


ah apologies i thought you as a single person was propositioned by a couple. i had not realised there was a misessteve hence my question


Yes, not long ago actually, I gave them both a kiss but politely declined. (Far too self conscious at the moment also we were all on pills and I doubted they were 100% about it but maybe they were).


Oh no, I am a single person. Very much so. Just my feelings about sexytime extend to relationships.

Just me and she, please.


ah i seeee. understood


Sooo xylo, what about YOU?


No thanks.
I would be very VERY surprised if he did. And the answer would be no.


well i made the thread you see


Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. N/A.


You did indeed :wink:


No, no, maybe, probably no, no, n/a.

I can’t see it happening but I wouldn’t necessarily be against the idea.


Got an SMS text message from a mate about 6 years ago inviting me to a threesome with him and his wife.

I didn’t reply and we’ve never mentioned it. No idea if it was even a serious offer.