Filth on a Thursday

I was in a hotel room at the weekend and I noticed an attractive couple enjoying themselves in the well-lit hotel room across the road.

I watched them until they were done, and it seemed like they had a very nice time.

Am I am a total creep for doing this? Should I have looked away? Or did the open curtains (it was already dark outside) suggest they were fine with viewers?

What would YOU do?

  • Yes I would watch for a minute or two
  • Yes I’d watch until they were done
  • No, I’d close the curtains, I am not a creep
  • Other (please explain yourself)

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Sub-thread: what other creepy behaviour have you done recently

Watching ‘till they were done’ is making me laugh. Did you decide to wait until they were done when you started watching?


Its like a high end version of dogging, if they flash the room lights twice does that means come over?

Yes you’re a creep for doing it but yes I would’ve done it too.



No one likes a bragger


This has done me.


Probably would have shut the curtains and left them to their own business, but would have ended up peeking again guiltily five minutes or so later to see if they were still at it.


Do you enjoy being watched “in the act”? (anon)

  • Yes - with consent
  • Yes - anyone, I don’t care
  • No
  • Other (???)

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The couple opposite my old flat had their bedroom opposite our lounge. They’d go at it with the curtains open all the time, like 2-3 a week. Felt like we had no choice but to watch them.

Seeing them in the little Sainsbury’s local at the end of the road was always a bit awkward.


Used to be able to see right into a bathroom/shower from my office, where the occupants put an awful lot of faith in their lightly frosted windows when it was dark outside.

Tried not to look but it’s hard not to when it’s already almost in your eye line. Until the time when it was a middle aged gentleman having a thorough stand-up wash with one leg up on the sink.

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Don’t think you’re a creep for watching. They had most likely left the curtains open because they wanted to be watched, you were obviously assisting them.

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Best laid plans amirite


stealth boner


  • I’ve heard my neighbours having sex
  • There are decent walls in our properties, and they keep their windows closed when they’re at it, even in summer

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My old flat was a conversion, and every now and then I’d hear my downstairs neighbour at it.

All I hear from neighbours is their children running up and down the stairs.

But I dread to think what the neighbours have heard from our house.


[anon]I think I want to be a cam boy[/anon]


Oh, and worse than that, when we came to look around the house we now live in, the estate agent knocked on the door and nobody answered. We looked around downstairs (which was empty), but as we walked up the stairs it became obvious that the house wasn’t actually empty after all, and that one of the bedrooms was, erm, otherwise engaged. I thought it was hilarious, but the poor junior estate agent who had been despatched to show us around didn’t have a clue about how to handle the situation. We looked around the other upstairs rooms first, and after a few minutes a couple wearing dressing gowns emerged, giggling sheepishly.