Filth? Perhaps?

I’m not feeling particularly filthy, just sort of want someone to stroke my hair and tell me I’m pretty. But I’d like to read about other people’s filth.

Still thinking about the Pixar Dads because obviously


Has it really?

I’m a saint so have stopped using the free porn sites cause they’re bloody terrible for a myriad of reasons, but have subscribed to an onlyfans. Yes I am morally superior thanks for saying :wink:

Wonder if lockdown is a theme people search for

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I bet it is, you filthy little pepperami.

[insert joke about… meat or something idk]

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does anyone actually watch porn with their partner?

I have, with one of my ex’s

regularly or just “ooh naughty that would be fun”

No she’s not been in any as far as I know


Tried it but we didnt really like it. I don’t think it’s uncommon tho, I have friends who do it regularly.

Semi regularly? A fair amount of times

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Such an Americanism, that word :smiley: reminds me of blink 182 or something


Yes with an ex, not with current partner.

Imagine they liked something totally different to you though and you’re trying to maintain an erection while essentially arguing over the TV remote.

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I could just see it leading to an awkward situation where jealousy over the actor/actress might be apparent, unless you watched amateur stuff

Want to smash a McDonald’s triple cheeseburger


Must be quite awkward?

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That’ll make a dreadful mess. And the mustard might sting your helmet

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Might it? Oh boy, hope so!

See, for me it didn’t bother me in the slightest if it was a performer who was totally different to me. It’s when he’d put on the performer who looked a bit like me but way better looking that I’d be annoyed :smiley:

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“And how are your family? Haven’t seen them in years.”
“Not now, ffs.”

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Don’t know what it is pal