Filth Thread - Costumes


  • Henry the VIII I am
  • Catherine of AragNON

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I mean, define humanoid really. Klingons are a step further and Balok still have everything a human would. Tribbles yes, would be like fucking a cat so xylo is disgusting, but of the others…

Bad dragon exists for a reason, that’s all I’m saying.


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think I just want the implication that there will be cuddles, and most of these professions aren’t very cuddly

window cleaner

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I’d much rather fuck a Klingon than a Romulan though, bunch of nerds

Love you dis :heart:

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Now there’s a sexy job. Peeping through windows, not scared of heights


window cleaner would be hotter if all real window cleaners weren’t ridiculous ham headed pervs

imagine the scenes if your partner was like ‘let me just put something on’ and they’re suddenly kicking the door open dressed as henry the fucking eighth. it would be fucking brilliant


fully done


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  • You’re having a bubble

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often wonder if they shag in the costumes backstage.

say this in ray winstone for maximum effect

No idea mate.
Klingon fine too.

Ray winstone’s massive floating head from the gambling ads

  • No idea how that works as a costume but I’d have a bang on that
  • No

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oh maybe the whole Shakespearian ‘women-playing-the-roles-of-men’ thing might be hot

something something Shakespeare’s tongue


stereotypical Spanish cultural smash up person

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  • No gregg
  • Kermit option

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Really fancy him ever since I watched the Jubilee Street music video

Dirty, dirty Ray

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