Filth thread for @xylo the randy minx

I can’t feel a thing unless I feel an emotional connection. almost incapable of feeling sexy otherwise.

I’m not sure if I’m on the ace spectrum or if I’m just traumatised beyond being able to feel sexy like most people.

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never received a sexy picture, would be too thrilling

Big pic sender, big pic receiver, dunno if it’s just an age thing though and the particular time I got a smartphone etc. Think it’s pretty much all well and good, but definitely think it has lead me a few times to treating virtual things as a substitute for the “real”, and maybe missing out on some fun opportunities.

As long as it makes people feel good about themselves then woo

New interest/preference/kink discovered lately

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it’s conflicting, though :frowning:

like, the girl I’m seeing is… when she sent me a nude for the first time, I think most people would have responded like a Looney Tunes character, eyes popping out, “yowza”, etc.

she looks incredible.

but I need to really believe in something, to feel safe. even being there with her, naked in person, a part of me was like “wow, I should be losing my mind at how hot she is”, and yet I was full of fear and doubt.

Could you try to communicate to her that it was a little too much, or that it just doesn’t work for you in that way? Doing so without appearing to say you didn’t like what she sent is a hard balance though I know

Big boaster too :wink:


I’m pretty unrelenting in sending the TV pics - if I’m in a changing room with a full length mirror, she’s getting at the least a semi-nude.

Comes with some pitfalls natch - usually I’m pretty good at deleting them off my phone once done, but just the other week I went to show someone some pics of Latitude last year, scrolled back to July and BAM…whole phone screen of nudes. We both pretended that we hadn’t seen them.

Nostalgia anecdote - back in the day when an ex and I lived in different cities we used to send naked polaroids through the post :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Apparently I spilled A LOT when drunk at a wedding over New Year, whole group of people know a lot of stuff now that I hadn’t planned to tell anyone but my closest two or three friends wooops

3 drinks in, I’ll talk about literally any filth topic with free abandon


yeah, I’m only speaking from personal experience here, 0% chance of a random stranger sending me nudey pics

I don’t know if it’s experiential - the result of trauma, anxiety, self-loathing, etc - or if it’s something deeper within me, and it’s hard to get to the bottom of.

I just know that the one time I’ve truly felt at ease in somebody’s company (not even in bed, just spending time with a romantic interest), I was crazy about that person.

@JaguarPirate we haven’t exchanged nudes since she stayed over at the weekend. I just can’t really imagine doing it again right now. the remove of communicating that way through a phone feels equally odd.

Oh god! I forgot.about these. Yeah a few polaroids knocking around in our box of naughtiness :slight_smile:

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Well hopefully the vibe might come across in a low-key way and it might not become a regular thing, and you can save yourself from having to deal with it too much :slight_smile:

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When we split up, I decided to shred them at home (yes, yes, home office wanker) only it turned out that my shredder was too puny to shred a wodge of polaroids and they got jamed in there. Horrifying - ex nakedness simultaneously mutiliated and displayed :scream::scream::scream_cat:


you know what’s a thing for me, is that I get more out of sending nudes than being sent them? like… to have somebody who’s into you be so into seeing you like that.

whereas I get more out of… emotional conversations with the person I’m currently involved with. nothing gets me going like feeling sympatico with someone I fancy.

which… yeah. idk.


Made a sex tape? Anon

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Seems v different now almost everyone has a video camera on their phone. Not like you had to borrow your parents camcorder and then freak out every time they showed family holiday videos that you’d not wiped the tape properly

think the last time I sent a nude, I had to use my laptop webcam to take it.

Yes but POV stuff doesn’t have the cache that I’m sure tripod stuff (steady now …) used to do, for the reasons you said of time and effort involved.

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Hubble m8

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Regained some feeling of filth after feeling nothing for months, yet I have no filthy opportunities on the cards :-1:

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