Filth thread if anyone's still here

Knock knock? Anyone here? It’s the postman… And he has a big package.

That package is a filth thread that random lurkers can’t see! Spunk away to your heart’s content.

Filthy poll - CW: proper filth…

Is anyone actually going to find these threads down here?

  • Yes - I will search for the filth until my nub is raw
  • M8 - these was awkward even when they were right there on the main board…

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I’m not really a fan of the categories thing so I’ve just set it up to show everything except sport on the homepage


Does this filth thread have a topic? I need something to start things off, so to speak

Today’s topic is al fresco bonking.

A topic genuinely close to my heart :+1:

Go on…


Call me old-fashioned, but
Would I ever consider
Bending the knee
And kneeling for the glory of my
Flag? Yes, reader. I would. And
Then I would do a hump on it


My ex at uni had a key to one of the uni buildings (for a legitimate, non-sexual purpose) and kept trying to persuade me to go for a shag on the roof at night. Even apart from my total lack of interest in outdoor/public sex and the obvious risk of getting caught and expelled, I don’t know why he thought I, a person who gets cold so easily that I have to wear a coat in air conditioned buildings, would be interested in getting naked or semi-naked outdoors at night in the UK.


it has been a while

i’ll shag outdoors again… some day


Sex outdoors (anon)

  • Yes please!
  • Good God no
  • Only in a car in a particular Kent lorry carpark

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dodgy British stuff in a Kent lorry carpark


Not done anything naughty outside since I was a teenager I think, various bits of woodland/parks. Apologies to the canoeists of Tonbridge for what they might have seen one time. I’d be up for it but it’s just not really come up as an option :frowning:

Closest I’ve got was a comedy fumble in the interactive mineshaft exhibit (wahey!! no jk my mineshaft went unfilled) at the National Coal Mining Museum when no-one was in the building we were in. Even that was 2015 FFS.


Lost my v on a beach in Ibiza

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My last outdoor experience was oral in a churchyard in 2019.

Usually avoid it because hayfever and rolling around in a grassy meadow are not good mixes.

The problem with outside is that it’s where the bugs and the cold are.


Oh jesus, i hadn’t even considered bugs :scream:

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First sexual contact I had (fingerbanging a girl when I was 14 on a bench in Albena, Bulgaria) was on a beach. No sexual contact on a beach since.

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Once at uni in the grassy lawn in front of the student accommodation during the day and semi covered by a picnic blanket. Once at uni very late at night in a darkened alley whilst doing some graffiti, lastly on a holiday in France with my wife half way up a mountain on our way back to the gite. It’s always been something my respective partner has been more up for than me. I’m always anxious we will be caught and so I can’t really enjoy it.

I can’t express why, but this feels very on brand for you