Filthy cryptic crossword

Give me your best filthy clues (or clues with filthy answers). I shall begin:

Yes, German copper consumed by happiness is coming! (11)

Arrive? I just have. (3)

Cum? I hate that spelling.

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these are really difficult to make up

Muff diving copper points to a lone Irish aeroplane. (11)

It’s useful to make a hot drink before a redhead unhesitatingly puts their testicles in your mouth. (10)

Looks like the horse didn’t clear that fence after making it over the first nine. That sucks! (8)

DiSser loses commercial seed. (5)


Cryptic porksword more like!

(I’m sorry, i have little gift for wordplay)

yes german - ja
copper - cu
happiness - elation
is coming…

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