Filthy windows

I guess a bit NSFW. This is the filth thread.

I have no questions though, erm, feeling filthy?

  • Double no 7
  • Roger Give Me Moore (yes)

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Feeling a lot filthier now the temperature has dropped below a level where I nearly sweat to death just taking my socks off.

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my skylight is a fucking mess right now, biggest splatteriest bird poo on it I’ve ever seen, even the rain doesn’t seem to wash it off :frowning:

Keep going…


Thought this was going to be about your steam cleaner.

(not a euphemism)

It can be. I do lust after it a lot



ever seen anyone going at it through a window before?

I haven’t

Shagging in cars (not anon)

  • Done it, love it
  • Done it, not for me
  • Never have, never will
  • Never have, want to

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Pretty commonplace as a teenager, at least where I grew up, there was a place called the three sisters which was a sort of lake where people would park near with their boy racer boyfriend (the lake was made from former slag heaps, snigger). Think I even had a threesome in a car once.

I’m not going to a sex shop that won’t make me James Bond ffs, time is money!


Yeah same round here cause it’s the countryside and there’s lots of quiet spots. Not designed to be much fun for someone of my frame really.

With my first proper girlfriend who I had sex with, we would drive to a housing estate that was in the process of being built, drive to the end of one of the roads (as in where they’d only built the road that far) and then pull over and have sex in the car. It was very romantic.


Ann Summers doesn’t count as a sex shop…

  • I have been into a sex shop and made a purchase
  • I have been into a sex shop but never made a purchase
  • I have never been into a sex shop

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It’s Roger Moore

What am I, a mug?

Find the one you want, then buy it cheaper online!

Do online shops count?

Didn’t think so.

Does fingerbanging count?

Could say that the estate wasn’t the only thing being erected HAHAHA