Final February Friday


Got really emotional last night watching a live stream gig. Drank so much gin.

There is a video of me trying to go to bed, missing, and getting back up protesting my inebriation.

Edit: is… is drank a word?


But also:

Clocks go forward


Keep them get yourself something for your birthday.

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oh no i am defintely still drunk

^ took about four attempts to write that

and it’s still wrong

might go for a jog


hmm you’re probably right

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i may be unable to say the words right, but i know what i know

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CBA doing another but the final scene with an empty pizza box photoshopped in captioned ‘Its finished’


Just remembered Enrique Iglesias (as I’m privy to doing every few months), anyway the first album I ever bought was Hero and I’m listening to it now and when I tell you it is HIT AFTER HIT. Some absolute bangers on there. And he has the same birthday as my best friend, funny how life works out isn’t it.

Listen to Don’t Turn Off The Lights right now, you won’t regret it.

is he still married to anna kournikova

this is the perfect song


check edit history for behind the scenes content

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Luckily for you I have my laptop in front of me so I binged it, and he is! They have three children together; Lucy, Nicholas and Mary.

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i liked the pre-edit version

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He just makes bloody great pop, does Enrique. He can’t even help it!

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I’m kind of pulling back the curtain and showing how you too can learn the tricks of the trade of professional graphic design in MS Paint