Final Working Day Of The Year: Friday December 29th 2017

It’s Friday! My last day working in Australia! Bit weird finishing working for a company when you’re a remote worker. My leaving do is… This post? I guess.

Our stuff got picked up today and is now making its way slowly to The Netherlands, crazybeans. Feels more real looking at our emptyish place than it has. We’re actually moving back to Europe!

(Some things left over which we’re gonna sell, gonna have a garage sale on Sunday & Monday I think).

Hoping to meet TheoGB for the first time ever later, but we shall see. Would be good to meet the man himself while he and I are both in B-Vegas, if not today then definitely at some point this weekend.

Also forgot to mention that I got a job (woop!). Thanks to all those who helped through PMs etc. It’s a bit of a commute being near Utrecht but I’m gonna get me a Brompton (to take on the train) so it’ll be OK. Don’t start till Jan 15th so I guess it’s holiday time for me now? Weird. Good weird.

This has been an eventful day, hbu?



Congrats on the new job, that’s great news :slight_smile: and you’re meeting Theo today! Incredible.

I’m eating Coco Pops because I can’t quite face the full drudgery of my morning routine just yet. Nothing to report.


Maybe. Maybe.

Definitely Maybe?

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I will definitely be doing some work from home this weekend but yay for the last day of actual officing in 2017. What a shitty year.

Sorry to hear that ALS, hope 2018 is a lot better for you. Actually, even more than that, hope these last few non-work days of 2017 are so good that they make the rest of the year pale in comparison.

Thank you! That makes me feel warm in my tummy!

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Going to have a wander around Lewes later. Visit the castle, priory, The Harveys brewery shop and just wander.

Hopefully it’ll stop raining.

Congrats on the move/job/possibly meeting Theo.

Last working day of the year for me. Not enjoyed this year in the slightest, but they’re already talking of promotion to the next pay band so I must be doing something right.

Nothing planned after work, might have a few lager beers and watch some shite TV, pretty much the same as every night then.

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@Witches @reptar @grievoustim @laelfy

They forgot their map :open_mouth:

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CW: vomit, general grossness

But also pls help

My meds got stuck in my throat earlier. I panicked and about 15 mins later made myself retch/vom a few times, then did this thing where you drink water, then lay down and swallow it. That did make me feel better for 10 seconds and then it was back to feeling like there’s something wedged in my throat. Did it a few times but don’t really know what else to do now. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and I feel shit now :frowning: gonna be late for work dealing with it.

morning everyone.

@ma0sm that all sounds really exciting. What an eventful day. Good luck with the move - i can imagine that it’ll be hard leaving the lovely weather behind!

It’s currently absolutely lashing it down in Kent. I just drove Mr SSH to work and the roads were so empty it felt a bit eerie. I’m now back on the sofa with a cup of tea. I have some life admin things to do today and need to book an opticians appointment and I hope that I don’t need to be referred to have an injection in my eyeball (eek).

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Do you think you may have just scratched your throat and it feels like there’s something still there when there isn’t really? Sounds horrible either way though :disappointed_relieved:

Crush them on a spoon and add a little water to the spoon then swallow that?

Morning all,

Congrats @ma0sm on the new job and good luck with the big move!

Feeling a little under the weather, so WFH. Got some process writing to do, so might do some of that. Equally, I might not.

Nowt planned for the evening so will most likely break into the magnum of 7.5% IPA I have in the fridge and watch the new Black Mirror.

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ooh is new Black Mirror out?!

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I was thinking exactly the same thing. Last season was my favourite, so very much looking forward to this.

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Yup - should have landed at 8am this morning.


Good luck with the move maosm! I’ll be in Utrecht again in November and then we shall beer!

Today, I shall account!

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It’s snowing here and I got a fluffy dressing gown and fluffy slippers for Christmas so I am cosy as fuuuuuck.

Off out later for food with a few pals, biding my time on The Internet until then.