Final Working Day Of The Year: Friday December 29th 2017


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Gotta finish my xmas shopping today. Absolutely slashing it down ffs.

I get to go to Dunelm Mill today.

I’m getting INSANELY BORED of being inside and not doing anything and having no gym classes I can go to. It’s safe to say I’m getting a bit mis. My boyfriend is also sick and I’ve never seen him sick and thank god he doesn’t get sick very often cause that’s quite annoying.

Never thought i’d be wishing it was back to work now cause I need routine to keep me sane.

Delayed boxing day at my aunt’s house today. Stressed as fuck. Looking forward to the food, the first half hour of seeing family… but besides the thought is making me want to hide under a pile of coats and avoid the whole thing.

Just googled where Dunelm Mill was and upon finding it wasn’t a National Trust site my envy swiftly dissolved!


Good luck with everything, pal! Exciting times.

I’m in an airport waiting for my plane back home to Oslo after ten days at my parents’. Had a nice time but also really looking forward to just being at home by myself for a while. Not really feeling this whole NYE thing atm, might change when I’m back home I suppose.

You mean Dune-Elm Meel?

(Actually it might not be best to wind your bf up if he’s ill today. GWS!)

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Don’t know how far you’ll be living from the train station in Nijmegen but you may want to consider keeping a cheap second hand bike permanently in Utrecht. The train station has two huge staffed, secure storage areas for bikes, and it saves you from lugging a folding bike every day. The annual charge is € 75 (or alternatively, € 1,25 per day).

Imagine writing this


It’s :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: again here! Got to go out in a bit to post a parcel which I might’ve messed up because of Sunday/new year. Going to see Star Wars tonight.

Back to London this afternoon. Finally.

We went to Ikea last night. I had to sit in the back of the car on the way home and did my thing where I pretend he’s a taxi driver so I think I got my fill of winding him up yesterday :smiley:


Don’t like eyes enough

I think Elbow get a pretty rough ride on here, but they’ve produced some pretty stunning work over the past however-many years. Love this one off the same album:


Maaaad wind too down in Brighton at the mo but enough about me


Morning! Kids got up at 5:30, sooo tired :tired_face: Need to strip the wallpaper off in the bathroom today, then going to play some Rocket League :soccer::red_car:

Congrats about the job/move @ma0sm, exciting stuff!

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Maybe he is feigning it to get you back for mis-pronouncing Homebase all the time :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan. I love Some Riot (never quite the same live, think it needs the big reverby cello) and The Birds. The Birds is bloody incredible.

You haven’t changed in 10 days…? :wink:


It’s so snowy here! Rawdon’s quiet hilly streets are deathtraps to drive on. Was skidding all over the place driving the TV to the station :confused:

It is pretty I suppose.