Finally Friday thread

Anything good happening today? Doing anything to lift yourselves out of the daily drag?

No, me neither

Morning @rob.orch and everyone who posts below :arrow_down:

It’s Friday! Mrs CCB is at work today so I’m combining homeschooling with my work. Still, last day of the week. And there’s a lamb biryani base cooking as well, so that’ll be nice for later :slight_smile:

Here’s your daylight update:

:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:52 16:32 08:40:29 +2:50
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
08:24 16:25 08:01:10 +3:30
King’s Lynn
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:55 16:25 08:30:24 +3:00

omg same here!

Morning all!

The Child was awake at 3.30 for no apparent reason. She wasn’t hungry, hadn’t wet the bed, wasn’t too cold, hadn’t had any nightmares. She was awake and didn’t want to be asleep.

Wor Lass tagged in at 5.00 so I could get some sleep before work.

I’ve got one class and some marking to do today.

No official plans for food but I’m quite tempted to suggest something that involves food and cans of pop being brought to my house.

:heart_eyes: The Dishoom one or another lamb biryani?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Ooh I have no idea but I shall find out! We had a giant lump of it yesterday as a roast, and before I had chance to eye it up the rest for sandwiches today, it was claimed for a curry I’m not involved in.


Boom, boom, boom, boom, I wanna go Dishoom
Spend some time together, together in Dishoom


Dishoom has just come onto Deliveroo in Brighton and people seem to be split between thinking it’s a good thing and thinking that’s it’s terrible because now more than ever we should be supporting the local restaurants

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Oh is Dishoom a chain, not a style? :joy:

To answer the original question then: probably not the Dishoom one cos until about now I didn’t know what it was :joy::joy:

Tbh I just wanted a sandwich :sob:

Oh and hello DiS!


The Dishoom book is a thing of wonder, half recipe book half history of Mumbai. Highly recommended. Not tried owt from it yet but need to.

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Ah, asking the age-old question: “what is a Dishoom?”

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Not much mate, what’s dishoom with you


It’s amazing. There’s a zillion stages to each recipe but it’s worth it.

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Dishoom do sandwiches*

*‘naan rolls’

Anyone gonna shut up about Dishoom now and do some yoga

Don’t think she’s flexible enough



The tot was up at 05:00. Busy day at work. CBA

Still thinking about sandwiches

having shit sleep this week because I seem to be snoring more than normal and my partner is nudging me to stop

Left my dressing gown on the radiator overnight and OH BOY.

Today is my Sunday