Finally Friday thread



The weather outside is delightful today after all that storm stuff - I took a picture of the edge of the cloud front clearing at dusk last night which was lush but I didn’t expect the day to turn out as nice as this. Another day of the same stuff as the other days beckons! And I can’t post the picture I was talking about for some unknown iCloud reason, sakes

Woke up at 4am with various worries. Doggo needs to go to the vet today as he’s got issues with his teeth and a blocked nose :frowning: Also, had various anxiety panics about my old job and how awful it was at times which left me worrying about career choices/imposter syndrome and all sorts of things. Chatted to the TV about it and feel a bit better. Still, Friday today, going to crack a cold one at 5pm.

Oh, did go for my usual run and smashed it, so that was good considering I’ve only had about 3 hours sleep.

Woke up at 2:30, only really dozed after that. Gonna be wiped by about 8pm. Why on a Friday?!?

Friend is doing a zoom thing for his birthday tonight. He runs a pub and the guy that does their quizzes is doing a quiz. Should be fun.


Also had an uncharacteristically early start from my small human :sleeping:

Got in some lego time before school though so that was fun at least.

Going to catch a nap now while R is out, I foresee more lego later, also SFPP and tonight the Low live stream of it is on.

Still need to decide a voucher to get my brother for his birthday. Might just ask him at this stage.

Had the Dishoom jackfruit biryani for dinner last night. Going to poo it out in a few minutes I think.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

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Did you catch last week’s?

I did. Missed Mimi being there tbh

[Edited post to remove the Double Negative :grinning:]

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Yeah. Neil Young cover was nice, tho.

Also liked the bit where the tablet operator accidentally flipped the camera around.

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Thank you for the reminder that I need to do that too

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:pray: may the Ministry of Transport gods be on your side

(only just learnt that is what it stands for)




Not sure what I thought it meant. Motor OK Test?


It is sunny today so I’m going to the park later and buying a brownie at the park cafe. Excited to see the camelias again and take lots of photos, bringing my camera and two lenses :star_struck:


In an unbelievably foul mood.

put some pet shop boys on :+1:

hope you cheer up soon

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doesn’t make sense though does it
my car is going for it’s Ministry of Transport…

… certificate?

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It’s an MOT Test, isn’t it? Which does makes sense (to me, at least)


Didn’t fall asleep until 3am, kids woke at 6am, currently drinking coffee like I’m Lorleai Gilmore

I see.