Finally Friday! 🥳

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s… (almost) the weekend!

Lemme see your hands in the air, party people! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Let’s pop those party poppers, have an extra little treaty coffee or indulgent breakfast and make it through to the end! Of! The! Week!

(apologies if this is not a Friday for you)

What nice treat will you celebrate this sunny Friday with? I might eat a whole Easter egg later x


I have an interview for my the job I left 5 months ago because nothing else has worked out. Wouldn’t be the end of the world to go back, tbh.

Hope it goes well for you :four_leaf_clover:


Morning all just been buying my bus tickets for the next month and they’ve increased the price by 50p absolute robbing bastards.

Office again today.

Looks like the same weather vs set off time vs clothes situation as yesterday. I’m going to be well overdressed come this afternoon.

Got the task through for an interview on Tuesday. It isn’t particularly taxing. Should probably make a start on it this evening. Definitely shouldn’t leave it to Sunday afternoon.

Not my weekend. Working Saturday and Sunday. Tired today. Sorting out the kids and then nursery run, pickup and wash up, go to work until 9. Yeah bollocks really. Listening to the new Ibibio Sound Machine album though. Fun.

Went to a funeral yesterday and drank a lot of gin. Feeling a bit ropey but only have a half day so that’s good.

Self Esteem tonight. 9:15 meet for football out in Rotherham tomorrow :grimacing:


Working tomorrow so no celebrations here I’m afraid.

There’s a film out today i want to go and see but i get paid on monday, torture :laughing: maybe next weekend then.

In no mood for the office today, similarly dont know if being home alone all day is going to help matters. Need to decide in the next 5 mins.

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Alright? Off to work in a minute then possibly Dartmouth afterwards for some triple supermarket action.

Eye test later. That’s about it.

In the meantime I need to not talk to one of the builders, because he’s unvaccinated, believes in the all meat diet, says that we shouldn’t cooking with plant oils because they’re too processed, and that we eat like gorillas even though our digestive tract is more similar in length to a dog’s.

This person is working on my house. I cannot irk them. I cannot talk to them.

If you pay via card today, the transaction won’t come out of your bank account until Monday :eyes:

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Good luck, hope you pass!

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Would rather go with someone else anyway actually and if i went this weekend it was going to be a solo trip. Something to look forward to :blush:


Worst Person in the World? Think its the mubi go film this week, happy to give you the free ticket or you can probably get a free trial

(Just quickly checked and Home is one of the cinemas that take them)

Nvm seen your reply to rich, if you change your mind let me know

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Going to visit my nan in a bit and will have a mooch in Marks’s for some nice din dins on the way back.

May also get a treat lunch while I’m out.

Another high stress day in the life of urbanfox.

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Off to the office it is!

Finished a huge piece of work yesterday despite Olympic level procrastination this week. So looks like it’s feet up Friday. Hoping MrB fancies buying me a treat lunch as he’s off today.


Back on the normal Shreddies today after only having coco in all week, sad times.

Today is gonna be rad. Got a lot of work to clear by 4 but then driving up to see mum and spending the weekend doing the last clearouts of the house before we figure out selling up! So it’s emotional but also kinda exciting to think that mum will be down with us soon too