Finally getting into PC Music haha what am I like

What am I like


Where in the world?

Pc musiccc


The thing about NewDiS is that you can’t always see who created a thread (from the homepage, basically).

But sometimes… you just know.


Really digging what I’ve heard of Easyfun

what the hell is it


at my college there was a band who had two bass players and they used cubase to record so they called themselves Q-Bass



I am sure this is a great anecdote but I have no idea what cubase is I am afraid


PC stands for personal computer!

I played almost exclusively PC Music stuff on NYE. It was amazing.

GOTY and the Charli XCX albums are banging

Brian Eno not banging but nice

Call the lawyers Thom!!!

fuck you this song is great

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Does this work? Worried it’s too niche.

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Bumping this.

If anyone has been paying attention, PC Music released a vinyl compilation of their first two ‘albums’ advertised as ‘very limited’ but the amount appearing for sale would lead me to believe not so much.

I am still loving the Charli XCX Pop2 mixtape (I mentioned elsewhere).

Lastly, I might be going to see Sophie on 13th March in London. Wondering if anyone else was?

GFOTY is one of the most dreadful things I’ve ever heard, but there’s some occasional gems in the PC Music catalogue.

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yeah some of her stuff is a bit much, i like Poison though. Hannah Diamond and Danny Harle are my two faves

I really like this from Hana 2k, got a bit of a PC Music vibe going on