Finally getting into PC Music haha what am I like

I posted on the gig thread. I saw Sophie at Heaven. It was good. But would have been great with a few more well known tracks.

I thought it was absolutely bloody amazing. And I met the guitarist from Toploader on the journey home.

GFOTY opening for Animal Collective in Manchester was so funny, a crowd full of lads in plaid shirts all looking like this:



I loved the venue (never been before) and the crowd. Both reminded me of clubbing late 90s in places like Vauxhall, Brixton etc. I also loved meeting SOPHIE’s mum and having a chat. She’s lovely.

But I would have loved more tracks from the releases, as there were a few mid temp ones and others I didn’t know. And ones like Ponyboy, HARD were amazing.

I think if I had met the guitarist, that would have elevated the whole evening though. :wink:

Got a t shirt and only realised after it had the date on. It’s now a prized possession as it was my birthday immortalised on there.