Finally Gotten Round to Seeing

I missed The Pixies at Leeds festival in 2005 because I was frollicking or whatever teenagers do at festivals. Finally got round to seeing them last summer.

Who have you finally gotten round to seeing?

I was so happy to have gigs back in late 2021 and so worried about them going away again, that I went to see We Are Scientists having never seen them back in the mid 00s when I was into them or any of their many tours since then.

They were quite fun, enjoyed it.

They’re playing here again this year but once was probably enough.


Had tickets to gigs or festivals to see Gilla Band five times which all fell through due to cancellations or me not being able to get to the gig.

Finally saw them at end of the road in 2021 then at their own show at the brud last year

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In April I’ll finally be getting round to seeing Elton John after booking the tickets about 5 years ago

(2 years in advance, then 2 covid postponements then a bad back poor Elton postponement)

Saw Converge last year, 12 years after missing them because I was flat broke and couldn’t afford transport to and from the gig.

I missed Pixies at Reading that year cos I was watching a BARNSTORMING Kasabian absolutely destroy the Radio 1 tent. No regrets, but I still haven’t got round to seeing Pixies, and probably never will now.

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Ozzy Osbourne scheduled for June this year. Think the original show might have been…February 2018 maybe? Will he finally make it? Watch this space!

Hoping it’ll be third time lucky for Self Esteem in March :crossed_fingers: