Finally Tuesday evening

What a sad little day

Been relatively productive but feel garbage between my tooth and lack of sleep. Cleaning out the kitchen to feel like I’ve #achieved something, then a bath, then nachos for dinner

Please entertain me with your witticisms and busy lives below


payday though tbf

Pay Day Money GIF by Discovery


absolute write off. fucked up a class because I got the time wrong due to UK-Spain time difference. Had a vaccine booster and then went to sleep for like 2 hours.

they learnt an important lesson about relying on brits


Just got in from work

V’s birthday so everyone else has gone off to kfc. My superior taste and morals means I’m at home with cheese on toast. I’m the real winner right??

My mum and dad are coming over for cake in a bit

Then telly and mooch I guess.

Salmon en croute for dinner

Made sure I only had decaf coffee this afternoon so hopefully I won’t have the sleep issues I had yesterday

was out having a fucking Costa wasn’t I.


Watching The OC


The Pangolin is the most trafficked mammal

  • Sounds true
  • Sounds false
  • I unno

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Don’t even exist. Part of the Covidspiracy.

What season

Who knows

Brain fog here due to the toddler being awake for three hours in the night :expressionless:

Nevermind. Had gnocchi bake for tea, and she’ll be in bed very soon. I’m going to drink tea and eat a KitKat I think.

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I reckon true. Their scales are used in chinese medicine so they’re probably of interest to smugglers, and they’d be easier to catch and transport than a rhino or tiger

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S2 was great

The one that isn’t Seth just got punched into the pool at a cocktail party

Evening all!

Saved a bit of a write-off morning by doing very little work-related this afternoon.

I made a black lentil and beetroot pie which was OK - bit on the dry side due to not trusting the recipe measurements but it wasn’t awful. Needed more (Greek style) herbs or something as well.


got my new Spanish ID card through today too apparently. had to legally change my name because the authorities there had been using my middle name as my surname for years apparently.

my new initials are TJAR. sound like a fucking star wars robot.


Physio keeps telling me to run and walk as much as possible. So back and legs felt alright yesterday, so i did a proper warm up, a 5k and a warm down…

Did my physio approved stretches this morning but already felt something wasn’t right. Back and legs have slowly got worse and worse over the course of the day. Was in absolute agony at certain points. Not able to stand in a straight line at all and barely able to walk at points.

So there’s my update, what do you make of that, eh? Eh? Eh?


Help me.

Planning to sit/lie and do as little as possible tonight. Had a decent cuban stew thing for dinner and there is still some birthday cake in the kitchen. So some comfort eating pencilled in for later.

Really shaken up as Smudge has just charged at and possibly bitten a girl / young woman in the street.