Financial/tax advisors


Does anyone on here use a qualified accountant/tax advisor that they’d recommend?

what’s it for, self assessment? might help if you say what part of the country?

It’s for a mixture of things, obviously don’t want to put all my finances out there, but:

-high income/childcare benefit discussions
-pension planning
-general savings planning with potential move to freelance or business startup in the future

I’m based in the north west but happy to deal with someone remotely.

I’m gonna hijack this thread and ask if anyone knows one who specialises in ex-pat financial advice

Yeah mate, what do you need?

to see your qualifications


Nothing really to add here except that my brother had an accountant called Chaka Khan.


There are probably cheaper ways to find somebody to play golf with.

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Should have #ssp this

Gah, I need someone who knows UK / Holland AND Australia I’m afraid.

Thanks for offering though.

I can help with books and other material on this type of thing, but not ACTUAL advice. You probs already know that there’s like loads of different professional bodies which regulation accountancy and tax but I’d head on over to and have a look there. Spoilered cos of my job isn’t it.

That is what a librarian does.