Find 30 Locations

Another one of those picture word puzzles. I’m stuck on 14 at the moment

I’m awful at these things, got 2 then just couldn’t hack it anymore


How the fuck is the chest with the star on it not Chester? This is fucking bullshit.


Still haven’t worked that one out either

This is bullshit


chester le street

royal pink cushion is doing my head in

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As is Bel (h)Air


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ha ha! oops. Should zoom in really

(never heard of it, but thanks!)

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You will find it at OS grid ref SP2624

think what style of hair it is (never heard of it either)

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oh ffs. Ruled that out as nowhere could possibly be called that.

Bel Air is much better

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You will find it at Irish grid ref F701326

Fucking hell I’m giving up.

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I now will need a holiday

Holiday, Florida
Coordinates 28°11′2″N 82°44′34″W

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Those straight talking Yanks, they do name a good town.