Find me a phone thread

Aside from the contract thread, not sure we’ve had a phone thread on the new forum yet? Well… This one’s about handsets. My current phone is completely falling apart so I figured I would pay off the rest of the device and get a new one that actually works.

What do you have? Do you like it? Does it do fancy shit? Talk to me :sunglasses:

Iphone 7.

I like it a lot

got a motorola g4 a few weeks ago. it’s alright. a bit big, but the battery lasts ages so fine.

I’ve got some sort of windows phone, man. only cost £89. everything about it is fine, other than the frankly pathetic app store. you can’t even get stuff like the guardian or bbc news

bit weird, but not a dealbreaker

There’s a Guardian app, it’s just slow as hell. I use an RSS reader (Nextgen) for news stuff, works for me.

App gapp aside, my Windows phone (Lumia 640) is actually pretty decent. Nice UI, does phone-y things. Best thing is battery life: two and a half days of normal use. Shit by Nokia standards, but for this day and age, amazing. Not sure I’d want a 16-core 4k 5.1 surround phone if I could only use it for a few hours at a time tbh.

The worst thing about it is Facebook, but there’s a browser for that if you’re even on it.

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OnePlus Three. Then you can come on the owners camping trip with me, @Balonz and @1101010.

Did you see that they have got a new version out the cheeky blighters!

I got an iPhone SE as a work blower the other day and it is so shit compared to the OP 3.

I have a Moto G4 too. Does what I want. Isn’t ridiculously expensive.

A++ would recommend.

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and it’s purdy purdy decent. Was (only just) superseded by the Z5 Compact, which was (kinda) replaced by the Xperia X Compact in September. Which is what i’d go for if I was buying a phone today if I couldn’t find a Z5C for cheaper.

My Z3C is having issues :frowning:

Mainly concerning the SD card and also the headhone jack is broken.

my headphone jack on my z3c broke pretty quickly - got it replaced and then exactly the same thing happened. then it started doing this thing where whenever you called someone the screen locked and went totally black so you couldn’t press any buttons, hang up, anything like that. then the screen came unstuck. bit of a disaster really

I fskd the screen on mine. :roll_eyes: Sent it for an £80 repair. :kissing: They sent me a brand new one back. :hugs: But it’s ended up with some dust inside obscuring the camera. :expressionless: So I need to give Cellphone Barn some warranty-centric grief. :sleeping:

Good phone (& model series), though. Good grunt in terms of power and memory so no laggy nonsense or annoyances in terms of apps or browser tabs closing in the background when switching between them. Lovely size that can genuinely be used one-handed. Crisp bright screen. Genuine two-day battery life for moderate use. Reasonably priced for a nearly-flagship, and avoids the inevitable buy-cheap-buy-twice problem with budget jobbers that have done corner(s)-cutting in one way or another.