Finding a job in London


Seriously, how do you do it?

Mrs ohsubvertedworld’s moved over here a couple of months ago from the US and hasn’t even had a sniff of an interview. Most places haven’t replied even with a rejection, is this normal?

She’s broadly looking for work doing marketing/copywriting, but I’m clueless when it comes to advice… Any ideas on where to start?


does she need visa sponsorship? met with an American friend the other day who said this was the main obstacle he’s facing. there will be some people on here who work in marketing who can probably tell you which sites/agencies etc. are the best.


the tv (also american) had quite a time of it when she moved over here. Took a good 6 months before she got a regular job. Dunno, it’s tough out there. I guess agencies and temp jobs til something comes up? :confused:


She’s permitted to work under her visa, so I’d assume not?


I’m sure she already trawls the main places for marketing type jobs - Marketing Week, PR Week, Guardian Jobs, Gorkana, Indeed… Work in Startups can have some interesting stuff if you filter it right. And, annoying as it may be, the best crop seems to come from LinkedIn, if you’ve set your profile up right - mine are very targeted and always look pretty plausible.


Go to an agency they’ll get ya something quickly, but it’ll probably be dull or something she’s overqualified for. Guess it buys time to find a good job though. But yes those seem incredibly hard to get.


I just found a job for an American friend where I work. Don’t know how long she’d have spent without a job if I hadn’t told her about the vacancy and given her tips on what sort of questions to expect in the interview and how to answer them etc. She beat 130 applicants so must have something going for her anyway, I have to say.

But I think Ruffers is right. Get a well written and designed CV to all the relevant agencies. If you get one agency person who likes your CV you can have a professional working on your behalf finding the best job to match your skills and experience.

That was my own personal experience anyway. I applied for shit loads of jobs when my previous place closed down - looking through job adverts and lists of vacancies, adapting my CV and sending off applications was a job in itself - but it was an agency that got me tons of short term placements to keep me afloat and then eventually got me into a good full time position.


Tbh most jobs I’ve got through my agency I haven’t even had to go to interviews for, they trust me as a not-moron and just go yeah he can do that


This should appear on your CV somewhere.


Definitely feels like more of an employers market in London. Just had a call from a recruitment agent who said they’d send me the details of a job and then give me a call back.

They’ve done neither of these things. Not too bothered because I’m not actively looking right now but still kind of annoying.


Cheers, wouldn’t really have thought of an agency as they’re not really used in my field.

If you’ve any recommendations hmu


Some of those sites will probably be new to her, nice one.

The whole thing has made me realise just how much institutional knowledge you can miss out on if you don’t grow up/get your start in a country.


My company has offices in four or five locations in the UK. A job the same as mine was advertised in London and it received 100+ applications from people who had the right kind of experience and qualifications. The very same role was advertised at their Rotherham building and received three applications that were from suitable people.


No worries, I think those sites are the main ones for marketing stuff I can think of. I’m sure the main skills are pretty transferable regardless of US / UK, it’ll just be about showing experience and having writing examples to show off etc.


Everyone wants the honey, but no-one wants the sting


Population in Rotherham = 250,000
Population in London = 9,000,000

You do the maths


Tbf it’s not far from Sheffield


In short.
Move to Rotherham.


Move to Leeds.


More jobs than people.


Er… No, thanks.