Finding out friends/ex friends are complete bellends

Care to share experiences of when you realised that friends or ex friends of yours turned out to be complete knob cheeses.

I recently found out that an ex friends of mine - became an ex friend when he became a hard-line right wing fuck knuckle who started hating immigrants, Islam, the political left, believing you can’t be British unless you’re white etc - is a fully paid up member of white genocide theory. He knows I’m jewish so God knows what he thinks of me now, you know seeing as I’m part of a shady elite operating to destroy the white race so that we can take over the world…yeah.

I haven’t spoke to him in 4 years, and I have no desire to ever see him again, but to hear from a mutual friend that he’s descended to such depths makes me very sad, thinking of the good times we spent together.

When did you find out your friends/ex friends were twats?