Finding things in things that shouldn't be in things

Ever happened to you?

Just thinking about this in light of this mum finding a sausage meat face in her pack of sausages:

I found a blue elastic band in a bag of Salt & Vinegar Ringos once. Complained and they sent me a box of 30 bags, and a voucher for £5 worth of Golden Wonder products. Was quite happy to be bought off with that to be tbf.


can’t believe I changed my username just this morning and only then do I go and read the phrase ‘the unusual meat face’. what a wasted opportunity


i’d claim that finding a 7th McNugget in a 6 box is the greatest thing that could happen to someone

or finding nothing but chocolate inside a kit kat finger


why did you pick scunner

I found a grub of some kind in a carton of tesco orange juice once. That was grim. I sent it through to tesco in a 35mm film cannister and they sent me some vouchers.

One of my mates found a pube in a Ritter Sport bar in Berlin in 1998. That was uber grim.


my favourite word innit

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I’ve found myself inside a few things I shouldn’t have been.

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I found a mussel shell under the laminate flooring in my kitchen when I ripped it up

that was a bit weird, I wonder if it was the remains of a stinky prank - like putting a bag of prawns behind a radiator

No need to be upset.


had this once with a united biscuit. just choc and honeycomb. What a day



it’s strange because you should feel cheated but you don’t

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püber alles


i’m discombobulated by your name change

what do you want me to do about it now, @grievoustim? @1101010 has already told me I can’t have any more changes.

found a bit of plastic in a pret sandwich.

found a piece of stone in a another, separate pret sandwich.

really want a maccy d’s now though so will be going home via one of them.

Got a kit kat chunky once that was like 90% solid chocolate.

Still kinda impressed it didn’t break my teeth or anything.


I’ve not seen any of the drama. Is it all Theo’s fault

I’m thinking about a name change - not sure I want to have the same name on here as I do on Insta

Given the wafer is the worst bit, it would have been a price worth paying.

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everything is Theo’s fault

Yeah I realised I was a bit visible with my real life nickname (even a different spelling of it) so made the change… didn’t put a huge amount of thought into my new name though