Finding your parent's twitter account


and discovering they’re awful people

wise to engage with them about it on twitter dot com or not?



Do not. Just remember that that generation are generally awful, so it’s not their fault.


“Oi DAD, you fucking twat!”


so relieved that my mum and stepdad have 0 interest in facebook, let alone Twitter


Set up an anonymous account and engage them in debate.


he has recently retired and seems to have done nothing but tweet/RT. Account created in April and 10k tweets since. Fucking happy retirement, you dickhead, dad.


This is probably a better idea than tweeting him from me personal account


post it here, we’ll sort them out


what they saying


This is actually quite tempting. What’s the worst that could happen?

(semi-important caveat: my dad (prick in question) has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery for it and just left hospital)


oh man.

My stepdad is still working so I suppose he could discover social media when he packs it in. He currently has zero hobbies so will need something to fill his time


Yeah I was wondering what he was going to do and the answer is read the Times app all day and develop bigoted views and criticise the SNP at all costs (even defending Harvey Weinstein in the process if that’s what it takes)


Catfish them


Massive guilty LOL


Red pill them.


(I don’t actually know what that means)


My mum luckily doesn’t extend social media usage beyond WhatsApp (she’s lovely though and wouldn’t ever post anything horrible), so i get sent a lot of warnings that end with slightly aggressive messages like BE A GOOD FRIEND AND PASS THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW and SAVE A LIFE, YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON’T SEND THIS TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS


Who keeps sending mums all these chain messages btw it’s like 2002 all over again


Their friends on facebook…


mentioned this before but i found my dad arguing in a comments section of my local newspaper’s website once. it was really genuinely bleak and i shouldn’t have kept reading but i couldn’t look away.