I found a kwik cricket cricket ball at lunchtime. I already own seven wind balls but I claimed it nonetheless.


Found my good pen after having considered it lost about 3 months ago. Turned out a mid-level manager had stolen it.

Crispy Pancakes

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This isn’t the nickname thread.



Ranulph? (Pronounced ‘rafe’)

new Friends spin off with two of the original cast missing

This isn’t the silent letters thread.

I found 50p on the seat next to me at the hospital. Left it there, I’m a man of means. No need to grub about for small change.

Found a tenner last week on the floor at work. Spent it on drinks in the pub.

You should have pressed it into the hand of a Dr with a ‘thank you for your service’.

Xhuxk it at a bravesoldier


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I think the gap between two of your fingers may have widened.

You’re right. She’d have liked that.