Fine, I'll do an Evening thread (Tuesday)


Whats everyone up to?

Got a bit of stomach ache so hope that goes away. Can’t be bothered cooking so going to have some Linda mac pulled pork burgers.

Not back in the office until next Friday. Good feeling but have some much work to do at home (including at the weekend), but at least I can do it in my grundies if I so choose.

Fancy watching a film but don’t know what.

Then might get an earlyish night.


Grundies? What? :smiley:


seriously ever time I see your posts -


feel absolutely horrible. got about five hours sleep. complete nervous wreck about this cat thing. I could have helped someone find their missing cat this morning but instead went against my instinct, did what I thought a ‘normal’ person would do and went to work (my big boss was gonna be there to meet me for the first time). I keep bursting into tears knowing I could have helped him or kept him in my flat but instead went in to work on a spreadsheet to make sure my employer thought I was hardworking… The owner is out looking for him in the rain right now and she’s telling me not to feel guilty but I know I should have stayed with him until we tracked her down. I can’t stop thinking about the mistake. my housemate also went back to Spain last night which means the flat no longer has her and her girlfriend filling it with laughter all day long and it’s so quiet and sad. plus a whole load of other stuff and my partner being really ill and being exhausted from travelling. haven’t been this upset about anything in years. I’ve offered the owner money to put up a reward. i really wish I didn’t love cats so much argh.

should probably take this to the depression thread


Ah you’re being really hard on yourself but that is a lot to deal with.

Hope the cat turns up.


My telly’s broken. I’m absolutely delighted, means all the research I did last time it played up won’t be going to waste.


Feel completely wrecked even though i did nothing all day. Just had a nap. Got really invested in a terribke nat geo show so i guess i’ll just watch all 6 eps in a row.


Whats the show?

There was a show on bbc alba about reindeer farmers over Christmas that I got a bit obsessed with.


Having a couple of birthday beers, but off to bed early as I’m shattered. Cooking seabass with crushed new pots and salad and listing to Converge. Watched Serpico earlier.


Just made a cracking chicken salad with olives and asparagus in it


Watching GoT S07 E02 in a bit


Serpico, arguably the best dressed character in film history.
And also a fucking awesome film.


At the airport to pick up my mum and brother, makes me want to go on holiday :sweat: my other brother is going to turkey soon too and I’m just being reminded that I haven’t been on a foreign holiday since 2008 because I’m scared of flying. I’m just a very fraidy person :confounded: all the places I want to go to like Japan or Saudi are hours and hours away too


The arrivals bit is quite heartwarming though, lots of hugging


Don’t cats come back by themselves all the time? Don’t really think this is your fault tbh.


Making dinner while listening to Jim O’Rourke. A bit tired out from my day. Might have a beer afterwards and hang out with my housemates.


yeah it’s just really hard to take cause instinctively I thought I have to get this cat back to its owner and not leave him to his own devices. I know cats are resilient. I’m just worried for this little guy cause its the sort of cat bad people steal for breeding and stuff. I think I’m more sad thinking about the owner, knowing how distraught I would be in the same situation (if I ever let me cat out of my sight which I never would).


It’s like a really tv show about a private murder investigation of an american guy whp disappeared in costa rica.


felt really shit after being utterly exhausted by (and before, tbh) work. nearly posted a load of stuff in the depression thread but then didn’t because i didn’t actually want to talk to anyone about it. think i’m gonna have a shower and dry my hair properly and put on some nice clothes and go for a walk while listening to some music. and buy some mini eggs (I must stop binge-eating my feelings but… :frowning: )


To be fair, you did try calling the owner (AND the vet) when you found the cat, which is more than others would have done. You also called the owner when you didn’t even have the cat anymore, you have already gone WAY beyond what you needed to.