Fine I'll do the Sunday thread

Morning all!

I had done a load of washing up and laundry before I had breakfast so I’m struggling not to make that my sum total of productivity today. I still need to buy groceries and have a shave before we take The Child swimming and then she’s going to a birthday party.

Edit: Since starting this message, I’ve had breakfast, a shower and a shave and I’ve done the big shop.

I’m eating leftover chicken tart and then we’re going swimming.

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On the train into Manchester with our queer craft club. It’s a very rowdy train for a Sunday dinnertime, wonder what all these 1 million teenagers all dressed like they’re off to the club are up to.


On my way back to Hastings, very grateful I got a seat

According to the local Facebook group I’d be 5k richer today if I played the postcode lottery (amount I paid in tax yesterday) . I don’t though

Was smashing to see you too! Hope the laser tag was fun.

Cold, drizzly and grey here, have been persuading the dog that she doesn’t really want to go out for a walk (she’s very old, doesn’t need much persuading to stay in by the radiator)

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Sunday eh?

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Gone grey enough outside that having a fully indoor day has been JUSTIFIED



Glasgow is greyer and colder than normal.

I’m at the pool waiting for lessons to end.

I’m tired and cold. Not sure if I’ve had too much coffee, not enough water or just a bit ill.

Only a 6th birthday party to get through now.



Mrs stack on a long day today so I am solo dad crew which is always kinda fun. Swimming lessons done, now soft play crew. Want these kiddos knackered. Weighing up a crap panini and trying to make the numbers work for purchase of a new MacBook (spoiler alert, they don’t). Pretty classic Sunday tbh.

Went to the postal museum yesterday - how fucking great is that?!

I have a really rough couple of weeks coming up at work - boss is off and I am doing his job and insanely busy plus have allegedly important people to entertain but oddly feel alright about it. Will tragically have to do some emails and shit tonight but that’s ok.

Todays listening: Destiny’s Child (MiniStack is all in for Beyoncé at the mo which is awesome) rubber soul & sophtware slump

Need to sell some stuff.

Just been doing some gardening, and have taken decades worth of ivy off the bungaroosh wall

In other news, anyone know how to get rid of loads of garden waste?


If I was local I’d offer to do a tip run for you (the joys of having a Zafira). Otherwise there’s these people?

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We’ll probably just do it in three or four runs. If I had my way we’d burn it all, but I’m not allowed :upside_down_face:

Watching the hockey world cup final

What am I like

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Happy Sunday all. Currently on my second Irn Bru of the day, and all is well


Ooh, now that’s an idea

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(Have now looked up - never knew it was called this!)

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LS dunes at the Academy? Went past at 1 and people were queuing already

All the flint in all the walls in town came from the digging they did for the railways. Good use of materials, although it’s a nightmare hanging pictures on the wall

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