Fine, I'll start the evening then

Made rotolo. So good nutmeg and crispy sage were the key though the sage just makes it look burned. Not photogenic at all

Cosy AF right now, hbu? Rate your cosiness, show me dinner, you know the drill.


Bon soir!

Had a gnocchi and tomato thing from the roasting tin book, which was tasty but we should have made more to go around three.

After Jimbo’s bedtime I think it might be time to do the Design museum interactive tour thing I got for Christmas. Should be good

Edit : cosiness rating - wearing a woolly jumper/10

About 5/10. I’m too naturally warm (large and hairy) to be able to get really cosy.

Haven’t made it yet cause I’m very lazy but will be stroganoff.

Had a purposefully very lazy day after a weekend of decorating and jobs around the house. Might start the John Cooper Clarke book tonight.


Right now, not very cosy as I’m still working. But soon I’ll be under a throw rug with a cup of tea and some music and I’ll be cosy then.

I have this in my head to the tune of Show Me Heaven. Sadly I’ve eaten my dinner but it was sweet potato and green bean curry.

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Cosiness rating - bottom half is at optimum cosiness as it’s under my sofa duvet. Top half could be better but i don’t want to get too cosy because i should get up and make dinner, which will be a stir fry using leftover roast chicken

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7/10. Got my big hoodie and a cup of tea but not yet under a blanket as waiting for

Brown tea of oven chips and sausage rolls to cook

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8/10 in the bath but have annoying chest pains that I think are from my bra

You’re damn right that’s home made Naan.


So tired


That’s a decent naan tbf

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Warm and on sofa under throw
Slight minus points as gf is asleep and is slightly forcing me off the sofa

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Current cosiness levels


Got slow cooker beef stew and dumplings for tea to double the cosiness factor and then an absolute mountain of washing up to do. last day off work tomorrow, hoping babby sleeps better than last night.


Had chicken shaslik burritos for dinner. Got a chunk of work to do after the bairn goes to bed, hopefully he’ll go to sleep quickly. Baby 2 is still maintaining a holding pattern but hoping they come in to land within the next couple of days. (Airport patter picked up from die hard 2, so probably absolutely bollocks).


that looks damn tasty Scout :+1:


Some sort of curry.

I don’t really know what, it’s basically a base sauce of a shit load of veg, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, turmeric, paprika, a tin of tomatoes and a banana


Evening all!

Dinner was chimichanga!

Going to upgrade my cosiness in a minute with a shower and sticking my jarmas on.


There is a massive lack of haggis in this thread. Mine is still being ovened as we speak.

Your dinner looks very nice Scout, I have never heard of rotolo!

Oh and I’m pretty comfy, could do with a clean flat but I have my jim-jams on and I’ve just got out of the shower so all good :blush:


Cosy rating 9/10 - fluffy slippers, pyjama bottoms, chunky hoody, and a cat on my lap.

Dinner - veggie haggis, beeps, tatties, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Almost comatose now.

Edit: fuck it, I’m leaving that autocorrect there. I had beeps with my haggis.


Good evening. Had leftover veg lasagne again. It looked rather like this


I’d not heard of it either, think I was googling chef’s best dishes or something and it came up.

Bit of faff but in a not very stressful way so quite good if you want to spend a bit of time in the kitchen without doing anything fiddly.


Cosiness. 6 maybe.
Leftover greens mac & cheese for dinner.
Early bedtime hopefully.