“Make sure you leave a fingerspace between your words”

Now, imagine this.

A grown adult with big ol’ fingers still leaving a fingerspace between their words.

Funny, right?



Fingers pace

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I don’t think I was ever told to leave a fingerspace between words and also all my handwriting now is notes for my own benefit so, on balance, no.

Can I ask (politely) what changes could potentially be made to the above to deem it “funny”?

literally never write more than 4 words these days and if I have to write more than four words I start complaining out loud at word 5


yes you may

Same mate, same.

Thank you, sir.

What changes could potentially be made to my opening post in order to deem it “funny” do you think, sir?

Fingerspace sounds like a fake hookup site from the MySpace era


I found it funny, essentially.

Reckon they just do it to force those spaces in when you’re learning to write. Then again, old people put 3 spaces after full stops when typing digitally, so who knows eh?

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I know, right! Silly old pricks! :joy:


Hey thats my Nan you’re talking about!

Sorry mate, but if your Nan is seriously leaving three spaces after a full stop when typing digitally then she’s a silly old prick and you’re lucky I’ve not been harsher.

Maybe something you’d say to an amorous couple when you are clearly playing gooseberry - “OH SORRY GUYS, NEED ME TO GIVE YOU SOME FINGERSPACE?! I’M OUTTA HERE. HAVE FUN! FINGERING!”

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She’s actually dead and never used a computer prior to her death as far as I’m aware.

I’m sorry for your loss x



is the adult putting their finger on the page every time they write a new word or are they memorising how big their finger is?